Prestige stamp books

The first book was published on 24 May 1972 with the release of a £1 book of stamps entitled ‘The Story of Wedgwood’. However, it was not until a £3 book was released on 16 April 1980, also entitled ‘The Story of Wedgwood’, that the current book size was released on a regular basis. 

PANES FROM Prestige STAMP book

Each Prestige Stamp Book includes 4 or 5 panes of stamps. These can be definitive or commemorative stamps, or a combination of the two. Some stamps are self-adhesive, however, most are gummed.

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Latest Releases

prestige stamp book – DY41 / DB5(93)

The Rolling Stones

This 24-page Prestige Stamp Book contains a detailed history of The Rolling Stones. It uncovers new insights and images from behind the touring lives of the so called ‘Greatest Rock and Roll band in the world’.

The book charts the 60-year story chronicling The Rolling Stones’ journey to rock and roll greatness, and their reputation as one of the best touring bands in the world.

Prestige Stamp book – DY40 / DB5(92)

DC Collection

This 26-page Prestige Stamp Book contains a fun-packed insight in to the fascinating world of the DC Comics origins and success, while showcasing the Super Heroes and Villains on the stamps.

The book provides a detailed exploration of each character featured on the special stamps and the stamp sheet, alongside a brief overview of the DC Comics timeline.


Industrial Revolutions

This 24-page Prestige Stamp Book contains fascinating facts and details of how early inventions continue to shape our world today. Filled with distinctive and detaild images of artefacts, technical drawings and period scenes.

The book contains all 10 Industrial Revolutions special stamps perforated as panes throughout the publication, plus an extra pane of definitive stamps which cannot be found anywhere else.

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Through its forerunner, the Great Britain Decimal Stamp Book Study Circle, founded by Doug Myall in 1971, the MBPC celebrates 50 years of excellence in the study of QEII stamps, since extended to cover all aspects of the hobby. You can be part of this for as little as £10 for a year’s subscription.

Copyright Notice: The SB, DB and DP numbering system of decimal stamp books and panes are the copyright of the Modern British Philatelic Circle (MBPC) and are used under Licence with the Circle’s kind permission. Further details are available from

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