DY48 / DB5(100) Dame Shirley Bassey Prestige Stamp Book - Error mis-severed and inverted

The first report of an error occurring in the Dame Shirley Bassey Prestige Stamp Book CY1 / DB5(100) has been received. The book has been found with Pane 4 (DP633) mis-severed, inverted and reversed. Which results in the image shown below. The book has been rotated 180 degrees in the photo to show the pane in the upright position. The stamp pane must have been at the base of the primary sheet. Due to the large white area at the bottom of the pane, which measures by approximately 23mm.

The book was sent from Tallents House and would have been one of several books with this error. If will be interesting to see if any other books are discovered. However, the other books may have been destroyed as part of the quality control process at the printers. We will have to wait and see!

Prestige Stamp Book CY1 – DB5(100)

Pane 4 (DP633) mis-severed and inverted from CY1 / DB5(100)

For more information related to the Dame Shirley Bassey Prestige Book can be found on our website.

If you find any additional errors in this or any other Prestige Stamp Book from the Royal Mail, please contact us.

Further information can be found on the Royal Mail website.


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