DY35 DB5(87) Queen Prestige Stamp Book with different barcode

I have just been going through some stock of the DY35 / DB5(87) Queen Prestige Stamp Books. Ready to grade them for our new webshop, when I found one copy had a different barcode on the back to all the others.

DY35 DB5(87) Queen Prestige Stamp Book with different barcode
Queen Prestige Stamp Books with differnet barcodes

The original barcode is 5 014721 151854, however, this book has a barcode that ends in 151861. I wonder if this could be the barcode for the postmarked edition sold by Amazon?

Is it hard to see from the image of the back cover but it is a slightly lighter shade than the original book. The front cover also has a rectangular shape in the top right hand corner. The mark is the colour of the original book, and the rest of the cover is the lighter shade of blue.

DY35 DB5(87) Queen Prestige Stamp Book with mrk on front cover
Queen Prestige Stamp Book with retangular mark in top right corner

Apart from the front and rear outer covers, all other parts of the book are the same as the original. With no postmarks or different colour binding tape. The other Amazon Postmarked editions of these books all have postmarks printed in on the stamp panes and a different colour binding tape has been used from the originally released books.

View further information on the original Queen Prestige Stamp Book.

Can you help?

Do you have a copy of the Amazon Postmarked edition of the Queen Prestige Stamp Book? Can tell us what the barcode is? If so, please leave a comment below.

If you find any additional errors in this or any other Prestige Stamp Book from the Royal Mail, please contact us.

Further information about currently available Prestige Stamp Books can be found on the Royal Mail website.


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  1. With regard to the Queen Postmarked Prestige book, it does have a barcode ending 151861.

    The binding is the same colour as the original and my copy does have a cache hand stamp saying “ANY WAY THE WIND BLOWS” on each stamp pane

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