DY38 / DB5(90) Paul McCartney Prestige Stamp Book

On 28 May 2021 Royal Mail will issue the second Prestige Stamp Book of the year. The 24 page book will cover special stamps spanning Paul McCartney’s remarkable success as a solo artist and with Wings. Paul is most famous as being a member of the Beatles from the 1960’s.

The book contains all 12 Paul McCartney stamps perforated as panes within the book, plus an extra pane of definitive stamps which is unique to the stamp issue.

The stamp panes will contain the following stamp values.
4 x 1st class – Pane 1
4 x £1.70 – Pane 2
2 x 1st class, 2 x £1.70 – Pane 3
2 x 2p, 2 x 10p, 2 x 50p, 2 x 1st class – Pane 4

Pane 4 will include four new Machin definitives with the M21L iridescent overprint.

The price of £20.25 will be the second most expensive Prestige Stamp Book to be issued so far by Royal Mail. However, it will have the highest markup of £2.01 over the face value of the stamps included in the book.

A Limited Edition Prestige Stamp Book will also be issued on the same day at a price of £49.99. Just 1,970 individually numbered copies will be available in honour of Paul McCartney’s first solo album, released in 1970. The book will be attractively packaged in a matte black folder which incorporates McCartney’s signature in silver foil on the cover. A Certificate of Authenticity will also be included.

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Paul McCartney Prestige Stamp Book DY38
Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney Prestige Stamp Book Limited Edition DY38
Paul McCartney Limited Edition Prestige Stamp Book

Further information can be found on the Royal Mail website.


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