London Life

Prestige Stamp Book issued on 20 March 1990

London Life

Facts and Figures

The 1990 London Life Prestige Stamp Book


Stanley Gibbons number: DX11

MBPC number: DB5(11)

Issue date: 20 March 1990

Issue price: £5.00

Stamp printer: Harrison – Gravure

Number of stamp panes: Four

Barcode: N/A

Limited edition issued: No

Definitive stamps

Panes 2, 3 and 4 contain definitive stamps

KNown errors

The following errors are currently known

1. Sewn without thread
2. Interleaf L4 duplicated
3. Low OBA on Pane 2 / DP146A
4. Low OBA on Pane 3 / DP147A

OBA = Optical Brightening Agent

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