Game of Thrones

Prestige Stamp Book issued on 23 January 2018

DY24 Game of Thrones Prestige Stamp Book

Facts and Figures

The 2018 Game of Thrones Prestige Stamp Book


Stanley Gibbons number: DY24

MBPC number: DB5(76)

Issue date: 23 January 2018

Issue price: £13.95

Average current selling price: £22.95

Stamp printer: Cartor – Lithography

Number of stamp panes: Four

Barcode: 5 014721 145433

Limited edition issued: Yes


Pane 4 contains the following definitive stamps

5p (Ash pink) MPIL / M17L
20p (Light green) MPIL / M17L
£1.17 (Sunrise red) MPIL / M17L
1st class (The Iron Thorne)
2nd class (Giant’s Causeway)

DY24 Pane 4 definitive stamps
KNown errors

None known at the current time.

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Stamp Panes

This book has four panes.

Book Layout

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DY24 Game of Thrones Prestige Stamp Book
Front Cover
Inside Front Cover
Leaf 1 Front
Leaf 1 Back
Leaf 2 Front
Leaf 2 Back
Pane 1
Pane 1 Reverse
Leaf 3 Front
Leaf 3 Back
Pane 2
Pane 2 Reverse
Leaf 4 Front
Leaf 4 Back
Pane 3
Pane 3 Reverse
Leaf 5 Front
Leaf 5 Back
Pane 4
Pane 4 Reverse
Leaf 6 Front
Leaf 6 Back
Inside Back Cover
Outside Back Cover

Only 2,000 produced and each book is individually numbered

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